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In Aug 2006 we envisioned to upgrade two dormant 1m telescopes located in both hemispheres to be used as dedicated facilities for EURONEAR. The operations at both sites are envisioned to be conducted in two modes: robotic and remote control, while data reduction was planned to be performed automatically on a daily base.

In Oct 2006 ESO expressed their interest to allocate their 1m telescope in La Silla but in Mar 2008 they dropped it unexpectedly, so we are looking for other existing Southern facility in Chile, Argentina or Australia.

In Jan 2008 ING expressed their interest to allocate their 1m JKT in La Palma for dedicate use by EURONEAR in the North. The JKT 1m and ESO 1m represented the facilities proposed to be upgraded in our past FP7 project (Feb 2008).

Since Jan 2009, we have been interested in obtaining some time to use the INT 2.5m of the ING. In the meantime, other options are studied for our next FP7 proposal (Autumn 2011), including a new 2m class telescope and a refurbished 1-1.5m telescope.

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